this was written in 1999…my younger self used to work as a clerk at the Whittington Hospital…I remember I used to get so much advice from older staff members who always wanted to mother me…and I would skive to go spend time with mr young lover…I mean mr young playa!


High on a pedestal

They have placed us

The countless people we serve

Infallibility is expected

For all the trust we have earned

But we are merely human

Dedicated to a chosen career

Together as a team

We have set a ball rolling

We aim to create our dream

The guardians of the hill

They have named us

By the pilgrimage they make to our halls

By the deaths and the births

They place in our care

By the solace they find in cure

We want to create tomorrows

History will write about

Breakthroughs, dedication to service

Be a byword

Hear them say with aplomb

‘As the Whittington goes…

Their dedication

To duty is exemplary

Their approach applaudable

Their mistakes; learnt from

Better than ever before’

High on a pedestal

It’s hard to…

Be human; bar any mistakes

Fr any we make are seen as

The utmost betrayal of trust

Given the chance to touch feet to the ground

We’ll be all that’s expected and more!

© 1999

footnote reads: Guardians of the hill – an attestation to the fact that the site the Whittington is built on, has provided Medical services for centuries.


I remember submitting this poem to the monthly…(?) publication…it was published and I was absolutely chuffed!