I remember why I wrote this. One afternoon, a family friend told me he was accosted at the bus stop by a young-ish woman who just kept repeating ‘suck and sex’. He said she wanted a fiver…

Suck and sex is all it takes

£5 will suffice

I have got two babies going hungry

Will you come with me?

Flavoured, coloured luminous

Whatever condom- take your pick

It’s only round the corner

Will you come with me?

The hazards of the trade I know

You look a decent sort

But even if you are not

Will you come with me?

I speak in whispers – out of shame

I cannot let them hear

Their prying eyes are judgemental

Will you come with me?

I promise I won’t take your time

I am as quick as can be

I need the money

It’s £5 only

Will you come with me?

1999 cooyright reserved. 

How so sad.