Okay…not dated.  Maybe circa 2003?

His word is a lamp unto my feet

lighting my way as needs be

in a world full of thieves

who steal dreams to deceive 

what we receive, turn it 

around and make it sound (????)

His word guides me

like a beacon

the shield that I wield

as I yield to the words

of my Lord

who I call when I fall

His word wraps me around

like a blanket in the 

dark, protecting me from the

cold renowned for its sound

heralded as love as it cuts

deep and we weep as we

seek to reach the end

of this rope around our throats

making us choke

His word has me gasping for more

easing my thirst, as I gulp in

springs of living water 

circa 2003  copyright reserved

Okay…my younger self ….(I have no words...)