I remember that term ‘bling bling’ ha…  It’s not dated so no idea when was written. I’m guessing 2000?? Whenever the term bling bling was in. 
It’s a rush rush

laid back world

A contradiction of sorts

Concrete roads

and hidden paths

bare their souls

Fast cars screech tyres

Turn heads 

with a revving war

Slinky hairdos, pouting lips

hide their applause

bling bling

It’s a rush rush

laid back world

Night falls

to a cascade of lights


phones are answered

way before the call

Tenderly clutched to ears

as the party stage is set

Let the music play

and the fun begin

For the night is here to stay

This bling bling

rush rush

laid back world

pulsating with a beat

living in its streets

blind to age or race

as cultures kiss

with the wisdom of age

and the beauty of youth

all there is to Ladbroke Grove

clutched to ears

The party stage is set for all

Let the music dance with action

For the night is here to stay 

circa 2000(?) copyright reserved

and it carries on a bit…some bits crossed out…think poem was about Ladbroke Grove…carnival??? An all nighter??? I have no idea!!!!!