Okay…I remember I had this date (match making via my sister). I never really liked this guy and he had this sister…eugh …my younger self did not like her at all!!!  Weird…considering the fact supposedly did not like the guy. 
Deceptive in her protection

Without hesitation

Doesn’t want to share

Because she wants him for herself

Seeker of attention

The main attraction

She purrs

Like a cat

Whenever he’s around

Tall and spindly madam

Constantly in motion

Yet forever bored

It’s obvious that he loves her

And she gets on his nerves

So it doesn’t really matter

Cos she’ll always be his girl

Charming to behold

A twinkle in her eye

Her high strung ways

Are a source of mirth

“Don’t do this”

“Don’t do that”

“You can’t wear this”

 “You can’t wear that”

– The fourteen year old little prat

circa 2000 copyright reserved

Oh I remember now, he told me about his sister…not too sure I really cared at the time. Didn’t really get to know her.