Another interesting poem written by my younger self…

I’m dancing to the music of Time

Swinging to the beat of design

Realigning the thoughts in my mind

To suit the purpose I find

For working myself to the bone

Realising I’m not on my own

I’m reaping the sweat of my brow

Gracing my days with mine own

– A son that I’m proud to behold-

The reason I find to align

The so many thoughts in my mind

1999 copyright reserved

Yes!!!!!!!!! That’s all I can find….transcribed last poem, I hope in this collection!!! Yay me!!!! Ha ha!!! (Wow… I did it) what doesn’t kill you; makes you stronger!  cannot believe I have finally put all these poems out there!!! After what….over 12 years!!!! The last poem was written in 2004!!! Wow!!! (So I haven’t written any poetry since then….????) at least not knowingly. What a journey!!!