Then I found this…have no idea when it was written. Circa 2000, I guess.  Seems really long…maybe a short story…don’t know. Just going to start typing….
Jane wasn’t the kind of girl you bring home to mama. She was butch and loud. She was the kind of mate you could hang out with in the back garden, swigging from beer cans. She had a racuous laugh that resonated. She was a large woman of domineering height. She filled a room with her stature. 

Tim on the other hand was slim-built, diminutive. The sort of man unnoticed until he spoke. His rich baritone carried for miles. Jane and Tim were a lethal combination to quietude. Tim could not speak in hushed tones, Jane could not hide her frame. Theirs was a relationship that had no shortage of comments. 

“What are you doing with a woman like that?” his friends would ask more than once, “she would squash you like a fly”. 

“There is absolutely nothing, he can give you” Jane’s friends would say in the snide way women do. 

In spite of the negative vibes and lack of encouragement, Jane and Tim got on like a house on fire. They were always together, pub-crawling, lazy days at the park. 

Some would say, they were a walking disaster or merely two clowns, getting off on each other. They were totally immune to the stares they attracted wherever they went. Jane would easily be a sumo wrestler and Tim her little boy. Her six foot frame dwarfed his five one. But then with Jane and Tim, it wasn’t about the height, neither about the way each other looked. For them it was the company and the buzz they got off each other. 

Okay…have no idea what that was…liked some bits…found the end a bit lame and repetitive. No idea when my younger self wrote this. But well done (circa 2000) ‘younger me’.