Not dated…but I’m positive this was written in 2006. 

Tomorrow, I say, is not a day too late 

I will be early 

Next day the same 

Oh what a farce!

This struggle to conquer sleep at break of dawn 

Off to school one morning 

Elated at waking at quarter to five 

I flee slumber sweet

Fresh eyed like dew at break of dawn 

‘Breakfast’ rumbles belly 

Breakfast; a thought 

Cereal and milk from shop shelf to bare fridge?

Not a chance 

The shop is shrouded in sleep 

Its keeper still in bed at six 

In repose before the traffic of a London day 

Make a meal I will 

How long will it take?

A piece of string 

Clanging pots and pans 

Gas slow burns bolognese

My portfolio is not ready!

Clutter! Clutter!

Organised chaos is what I do best 

Quarter past seven; I let sit a meal too hot to eat 

Half past seven; salivating 

My bus pass! I cannot think where it is!

Frantic search on a need to know basis

Food waits…

Lost is found; what a relief!

My class is at nine 

I have an hour to burn tire tracks of speed 

Banish fear! Embrace rush!

To Sod’s law miss bus

I knew it, I knew it! I tell myself 

Teeth clenched 

Early is something I do not do best. 

Oma Okolo (c) 2006