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The roller coaster 

You know you are bored…when you can’t be bothered to argue   To disagree or agree. When nonchalance is far more than a byword in your peripheral vision. When it really doesn’t make a difference. 

‘Doing life together’ is not meant to be a chore
Hold on tight for the bumpy ride

Pray you don’t hit a road block 

Causing you to part ways

Leading to heartbreak

Boredom is not an excuse

To recluse yourself from vows made

For better; for worse – ride it out

Sway with the twists and brace for the bumps

Oma Okolo (c) 2016


Don’t know what this is… it’s not dated. Have no clue if it’s a poem…

Colours are fluid

In constant motion

Always evolving 

Being discovered


Vibrant without constraint


Free spirited as varied as culture

Soothing yet challenging

Possessing individuality yet unimpossing 

See the world in colour

Believe in individuality

Accept others for whom they are

Be as adaptable as colour

circa 2003(?) copyright reserved 
I have no idea….

No wonder we don’t hang around

That’s not the title…my younger self did not give a title and I have no intention whatsoever of naming it ‘no title’…so used first line of poem


No wonder we don’t hang around

Taking flight when we can

Not part of your master plan

Trophy wife on your arm

Your love borders on contempt

You kiss and kick in one breath

Make us crave your respect

As though we lack intellect

Who is to say what we could be

When not bended at the knee

Slaving for your every need

As though our lives were made for this

You say you need women

What do you think we are?

Buttons to sew on your lapel?

Flowers to pick as you go?

You say women are easy

As you pick on the down and out

Women battered to the ground

You call women fickle, fussy

When we have a problem at hand

Trying to deal with your ego so big

It will not be contained

You say women should know their place

Be seen but never heard

There is something I’ve got to tell you

If no other woman has…..

We condone your attitude

Not because we must

We are so much older

So very full of heart

Do not turn around if you go waltzing off

You have nothing to offer

As time flies by

Our children ask why

For their sakes we lie

Painting pictures in the sky

© circa 2002..?


no date on poem…so no idea when written…do know that transcribed a similar but shorter poem earlier (must have been in first collection)…have strength for one more poem…


Love of my life

Aw…here’s 1992 ‘me’ going all mushy…


And as the sunshine 

Brings light and the day bright

So your smile lights up my life

From webs of darkness

O love of my life; Joy in my cries

Smile amidst tears; Solace I crave

The love you give can’t be taken

The trust I feel can’t be broken

A shell is hard a nut to crack

Within our love forever lies

This trust

This love

This protective shell

All for me 

Unworthy me

The solace I crave 

© 1992 


Oh no…I thought I was unworthy??? Poor 1992 ‘me’…what did I know about love…ah (young love ❤️❤️) He must have been in seventh heaven when I wrote him this poem …(the cheating so and so…) don’t even know why I’m getting upset for 1992 ‘me’…I probably wouldn’t even listen to 2016 ‘me’ if I could go back in time and admonish my younger self to stop being so doe-eyed


Ok….ay. One more and I will get some more work done.


Let me tell you a story or two;

Stories of Life that I know

Stories of pain and of laughter

Stories that never grow old

Let me soothe you with sweet imaginings

Let’s play a game of make-believe

Let’s pretend Life is all rosy

So pain could fade away

Let’s look beyond our sadness

Let’s rise above our pain

Let’s be strong

Let’s face tomorrow

‘Cos we’ve only got today

© 1995


O…k…ay… I was quite positive (back in the day…still am very positive).  Interesting poem.  Oh yeah…I want to say thank you to all the awesome poets out there liking my posts…you give me the courage to keep posting from this collection that I have had hidden away for so many years…you guys are so awesome…your poetry and blog posts blow me away (hand on heart…honestly)

Let me be…

O..ka..y …(at least I didn’t say okay again…) Already the title…sounds like another rant…did rant a bit when I was younger…was written in 1994.  I was one of those…if you annoy me..I write…I happy…I write…I’m angry…I write.  Now I’m happy…I just dance around and smile, I’m angry…wow you would know…I would yell…you annoy me…watch out…but then in the 90s it was just me, pen and paper…


If you can’t see through this

You can’t see through me

If the lines are too blurred to read between

– Then your eyes are not for me

If you can’t hear my cry in these words of mine

If you can’t hear the song in these whispered words

-You’re not deaf at all, you see

You’re in the wrong hall…with me

For this hall of letters I have built

My words are clear

And my song is loud

My lines are straight

-The message resounds

But if you can’t…if you just can’t…

Then please just let me be

© 1994


Oh…not a rant..another lovelorn letter (poem).  I remember this guy…it was such a yo-yo relationship…he was such a playa…! and all my friends fawned over him…gosh…1994 ‘me’ was so gullible…I bet half of these poems in this collection revolve around him (I seriously hope not…)




After this…work!! (or else…shit…fan…me. simple)


Pain shred me

Running clawed fingers through my soul

Anger held me; choking me

-my words would not flow

Shock stopped me; dead in my tracks

– I had nowhere to go

Despair, disillusion flanked

either side of my tortured frame

Hot tears ‘trickled’ in rivulets from swollen eyes

The dream had been shattered

– The nightmare begun

© 6th April 1995


Oh wow…I remember this one…heartbreak…my first love (cheated on me…oh gosh! I cried for two days non stop)…I thought I was going to die…oh gosh!!! Then I penned this poem…and started healing…wow (this self realisation thing is the bees’ knees…sadly I’m logging off this blog now…for my own good)


I’m really going for it today…posting as many poems from my collection that I can, considering the fact that (I am in the studio and meant to be working cos I’ve got a deadline…I am such a joker) I’ve got so much to do…  Okay I promise myself, I will only post two more and then I’ll do some work (scout’s honour…ha)


Fear is a woman

All clad in cold

-which is her mantle

with ‘icicled’ folds

Fear is a baby

whose crawling is slow

whose teething is tearful

whose hair never grows

Fear is beginning

to do as one’s told

And never be able

To set one’s own goals

Fear is a haven

A haven for foes

-whose darkest forbodings

Are their shadows

© 1993

Oh wow…I wrote this in 1993 (kerching!!!) I was a rebel!!! (still am…nice) I must have been quite a handful…interesting (fear is beginning to do as one’s told…you ain’t telling me what to do!!…love it…really getting to know me…)  It comes with a footnote but no way, no how…am I typing that up (text is too small…and I can’t be bothered)

Don’t be afraid

At some point I changed the title of this poem to ‘never too late’  It was written in 1995.

When alone in the dark

of Life’s hardest task

– The union of the flesh

Don’t be afraid

If you don’t understand 

Why him you can’t caress

When you’ve made up your mind

But your hands have been tied

By fingers pointing at you

Don’t be afraid

To stand on your ground

And do what you have to do

When people are harsh

And tomorrows are vast

So far away from you

Don’t be afraid

To grab hold of Today

And live for a moment or two

When life is a pain

And people have changed

To creatures you never knew

Don’t be afraid

To just walk away

And start your life anew

When tomorrow won’t come

Yet today is long gone

And moments are fast slipping by

Don’t be afraid

To ask for a change

From the boring time schedule

And when nobody listens

To things that you say

And won’t even look at you

Don’t be afraid

They are not worth the pain

You have far better things to do

For the moments of Life

Are fast flitting by

And time is but a notion of mind

It is never too late

To correct a mistake

And live for one moment of Truth


© 1995


Wow…that got me ‘gobsmacked’…who knew I was so deep back in 1995 (well, well, well).  I’m learning so much about myself…it’s startling and empowering at the same time.

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