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This is another poem, I have found in a digital file…it was written in 2005

The Lord is the stronghold of my life.

Of whom shall I be afraid?

From what shall I quiver?

Where shall I dare not tread?

The Lord is my Redeemer; my refuge in times of trouble.

Though I walk through the shadow of death; I shall fear no evil

For the Lord is before me; the light of my path

He will comfort me with His rod and His staff

Fighting my battles; waging my wars

Keeping me clothed in His Love

© 2005

the lord is my refuge copy

I had created this as some kind of design…I don’t remember if I wrote the poem in 2005 or created the design in 2005.  I signed it flair cos I had a company called ‘flairdesignrhyme’ back in the day!! But still love both the poem and the design…now, I definitely need to get myself home…I have stopped writing the essay (I’m supposed to be writing) and I’m now playing…might as well go play at home.


I wrote this poem in 1992…one of the first poems I documented…

Search – Despite the ravage of Time

Despite the cries and the crime

Till you find yourself

Search – Amidst the ravines and valleys

The gullies and monuments of Life

Search – amongst the good

Search – amongst the bad

Search – amongst the crowds of shadows shuffling, in the dark

Search – till you tire from searching

Search – till your heart breaks

Search – keep searching

Till you find yourself

And when you tire

And lie fainting


Into your soul

Search – the recesses of your mind


Only then

Will you find yourself

© 1992

Wow…that is a whole lotta searching…wonder what I was thinking when I wrote that poem…must have been searching (lol) a lot!!!  Particularly like the line search-amongst the crowd of shadows shuffling in the dark…spooky but poignant because there are shadows shuffling in the dark…we have all been there at some point in our lives…actually many times in our lives…in and out of the dark…hate being in the dark (as usual I digreeesssss!!!! or maybe not – point taken, we are talking about the dark after all).

Still small voice

I found this poem in a digital file.  I wrote it in 2009

the still small voice

a whisper in my ear

reason becomes clear

Intuition aware

You direct me steps with gentle cajoles

And reveal where I need repair

To rebuild bridges once in despair

As You lead me past shadows of doubt

Clarity of thought lifts the shroud

Enabling me to live out loud!

Oh what a blessing to hear

The still small voice

So near; so clear

© 2009

Wow! I love it…that gave me goosebumps just transcribing it…wonder what I was going through? But absolutely love it.  Going home now (cos still in studio).  Hope to find some more poems (in boxes…)  wow…the still small voice…aye? nice…


I have always loved words…this blog is a collection of poems I have written over the years. As a child, teenager, young adult, first love, scorned love, new mother…I wrote about everything.  So I plan to dig through my storage boxes, find poems and share them on this blog…I will share them warts and all…just the way they have been written.  I bet I’ll cringe when transcribing some of them…but this is what I want to do.  It’s about time they get out of the cobwebs, hidden in dark boxes…get some air.  This is a journey…hopefully a very interesting one.  It’s going to be really hard to not edit…but I’m going to learn more about me and my self restraint!!

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