…ideas jump at us and we scribble…

Night watch…

Sleep plays peek a boo with me

Darting in and out from shadows

Of my subconscious 

I try to catch up to the twinkly winks

That skip about playfully

Watching with heavy lidded eyes

As sheep make obscure patterns on the wall

Oma Okolo (c) 2016


I’m on your side of the bed

And you are not here

But it’s cosier 

Reminiscent of your warmth and embrace

I nozzle into the sheets

In the smell of you

I’m at peace with the world

Comforted by your essence
Oma Okolo (c) 2016


Nah…there is no apology

For being true to yourself 

For spewing what your heart dictates

None for standing firm as others spin

In a farcical dance

Trying not to unravel lies

None for not believing the hype

There is no apology

For truth enabling you

To look the world in the eye

None. Not a peep of remorse.

Nor should there ever be.

Oma Okolo (c) 2016

In response to the Daily Prompt-Apology


I’m like a moving train

A wrecking ball

Unstoppable in my onslaught of positivity 

Believing that someday, somehow

I will achieve my goals

Glitches only pause me for a bit

Then I just keep on moving

Daring to believe

My goals are within my reach

Doubt doesn’t faze me

Just eggs me on

Why not? …is a rallying call of defiance

What if? …a red rag to the bull aura

Of fierceness that surrounds me

Raving to go 

Determination; the ruthlessness

That drives me

Forever asking ‘what you stopping for?’

Oma Okolo (c) 2016

In response to the Daily Prompt-Unstoppable

Hot night

Tossing and turning heatwave

Perspiring; unable to sleep

Counting sheep with blurry eyes

I sweat

Oma Okolo (c) 2016

Complete in You

Found another poem…written in 2008!  Interesting…

I know the reason for my being

I know why I exist
I live to serve you Lord
Because You are everything to me
Breath of Life, 
Redeemer of my soul
My Lord and My God
You are beyond all understanding
Confounding the wisdom of the world
My life is made complete in you
© 2008 

I’m trying to hide

I need a jolt

To enable me bolt past the thoughts

That flood my head like a raging torrent

Pen to paper is too slow for me

And I fear my reliance on technology

Has taken away the comforting rustle 

That slowed the pace of my tumbling thoughts
I need a jolt…a prompt… to force me

To not reveal what should remain unsaid

I put up a block on poetic thoughts

To keep control of what I hold close

As hard as I try I cannot hide these words

And I beg a stop to the flow of thoughts

That spill from keypads to a blog

To find a release I both love and abhor

For these words are out of control

Poetic verse brimming to overflow 

Pouring from a place unknown

Stripping me bare

I give in and let the words flow

But I am still in need of a jolt

To help me bolt past this torrent of thoughts

So that I could gain control

And decide what should be said

But…what am I trying to hide?

Oma Okolo (c) 2016


I’m learning to write on cue

To schedule my posts

But it’s hard to write on cue

To say today yesterday’s thoughts

As thoughts tumble where they may 

An urge to hold back is hard to learn

When cart before horse I have always thrown

How can I unlearn my faults?

Restrain myself from rushing thoughts

How can I learn to stop mid thought?

When my thoughts billow 

And rush past reason

When words want to flow

How can I learn control?

Never bitten my tongue before

I need to learn to schedule my posts

Take control of my thoughts

Without biting my tongue

Oma Okolo 2016 (c)

The Word

I cannot hide

Words are my friends

I am silent

Cannot hear my silent thoughts

So I dig deeper

To find hidden words

My friends- words

To liberate me

To pull me out of this funk

To shake off lethargy

To force me to listen

To words I cannot hear

Words I need to rise

Out of this pit

Words- my lifeline

If I could but hold on

Grasp even more words

Words-smashing shackles

Overturning tables of confusion in my head

I ramble and words find me

I cry and the Word comforts me

I cannot hide

I cling to words

The Word holds me close

Oma Okolo copyright reserved 7/7/2016

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