…ideas jump at us and we scribble…


I’m learning to write on cue

To schedule my posts

But it’s hard to write on cue

To say today yesterday’s thoughts

As thoughts tumble where they may 

An urge to hold back is hard to learn

When cart before horse I have always thrown

How can I unlearn my faults?

Restrain myself from rushing thoughts

How can I learn to stop mid thought?

When my thoughts billow 

And rush past reason

When words want to flow

How can I learn control?

Never bitten my tongue before

I need to learn to schedule my posts

Take control of my thoughts

Without biting my tongue

Oma Okolo 2016 (c)

The Word

I cannot hide

Words are my friends

I am silent

Cannot hear my silent thoughts

So I dig deeper

To find hidden words

My friends- words

To liberate me

To pull me out of this funk

To shake off lethargy

To force me to listen

To words I cannot hear

Words I need to rise

Out of this pit

Words- my lifeline

If I could but hold on

Grasp even more words

Words-smashing shackles

Overturning tables of confusion in my head

I ramble and words find me

I cry and the Word comforts me

I cannot hide

I cling to words

The Word holds me close

Oma Okolo copyright reserved 7/7/2016

Water not so deep

Feel like I’m wading in rising water

Need to get out of it but won’t

Can pull myself out (I think)

If I find the strength within

Right now I’m just wading 

In rising water

Not strong enough to pull me in

Just lapping at my feet

Rising to my shins

At a non threatening speed

And I’m wading

Ready and not ready to swim

Oma Okolo (c) 7/7/2016
Wow…today is 7/7…?  Did not realise till now…


Hiding within myself

Trying to get out

Struggling to get out

Will get out

Got a mask on

On automaton

Recited motions

And pretended emotions

Oma Okolo copyright reserved 2016

Trying to find a way

Writing to free me

To clear my thoughts

To find a way to live

To see my dreams become reality

To hide within the verse I create

To tell the truth

I do not yet know me
Oma Okolo copyright reserved 2016


First poem written in such a loooong time…

I’m like a coin

Two sided; bitter sweet

I give and take away

Not a bad penny 

A lucky one; a token

For  keepsakes

To determine the heads

Or tails of directions I take

I’m the coin; the author of my decisions

Bartering and trading friendships

With give and take

I’m a coin; a slither of silver

Spinning my chances

As I roll with change

I’m a coin taking a gamble

On me, jangling in deep pockets

Of choices yet to make

I’m a coin bearing the stamp of my creator

My Lord and my God

I’m a coin on a mission

A bargaining chip

To choose right from wrong

A coin amongst many
Oma Okolo copyright reserved 2016

A prayer 

This was written circa 2000 by my younger self. Definitely all poems hopefully transcribed. 

May the Lord go before you 

And light your way 

Be at your sides to guide your path

Be behind you, so you don’t fall back

But keep on moving ever strong 

May everything you lay hands on

Prosper with His blessed touch

And may you always know His voice

For you are His beloved ones

circa 2000 copyright reserved

This poem just came to mind…it was like a mantra …prayer (amen). Can’t remember if it’s already been transcribed…(at least…now it has)


Okay…found another poem…

It’s all in the pen

To decide when

To vent

To send

A note, a song

A wrong undone

Justice found

Is all in the pen

So write me a song

Tell me when

You will pen

What you see

In the world

What you feel

What you taste

What is your distaste?

circa 2003  copyright reserved

Okay…hopefully, this is the last poem in this collection. Hopefully. 

Lilies of the valley

Okay…found another poem

Don’t speak words of condemnation

Decrees upon your life

Speak of plenty, running over cups of redemption

Let the day’s own trouble not be your sorrow

‘It is finished’ says the Lord

As the lilies of the valley clothe

So you will be and more

circa 2000 copyright reserved

Ok…I think this is last poem in collection. And I like this poem!

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