That’s not the title…my younger self did not give a title and I have no intention whatsoever of naming it ‘no title’…so used first line of poem


No wonder we don’t hang around

Taking flight when we can

Not part of your master plan

Trophy wife on your arm

Your love borders on contempt

You kiss and kick in one breath

Make us crave your respect

As though we lack intellect

Who is to say what we could be

When not bended at the knee

Slaving for your every need

As though our lives were made for this

You say you need women

What do you think we are?

Buttons to sew on your lapel?

Flowers to pick as you go?

You say women are easy

As you pick on the down and out

Women battered to the ground

You call women fickle, fussy

When we have a problem at hand

Trying to deal with your ego so big

It will not be contained

You say women should know their place

Be seen but never heard

There is something I’ve got to tell you

If no other woman has…..

We condone your attitude

Not because we must

We are so much older

So very full of heart

Do not turn around if you go waltzing off

You have nothing to offer

As time flies by

Our children ask why

For their sakes we lie

Painting pictures in the sky

© circa 2002..?


no date on poem…so no idea when written…do know that transcribed a similar but shorter poem earlier (must have been in first collection)…have strength for one more poem…