At some point I changed the title of this poem to ‘never too late’  It was written in 1995.

When alone in the dark

of Life’s hardest task

– The union of the flesh

Don’t be afraid

If you don’t understand 

Why him you can’t caress

When you’ve made up your mind

But your hands have been tied

By fingers pointing at you

Don’t be afraid

To stand on your ground

And do what you have to do

When people are harsh

And tomorrows are vast

So far away from you

Don’t be afraid

To grab hold of Today

And live for a moment or two

When life is a pain

And people have changed

To creatures you never knew

Don’t be afraid

To just walk away

And start your life anew

When tomorrow won’t come

Yet today is long gone

And moments are fast slipping by

Don’t be afraid

To ask for a change

From the boring time schedule

And when nobody listens

To things that you say

And won’t even look at you

Don’t be afraid

They are not worth the pain

You have far better things to do

For the moments of Life

Are fast flitting by

And time is but a notion of mind

It is never too late

To correct a mistake

And live for one moment of Truth


© 1995


Wow…that got me ‘gobsmacked’…who knew I was so deep back in 1995 (well, well, well).  I’m learning so much about myself…it’s startling and empowering at the same time.