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The medallion 

Medals? Ok…

It seems so long ago;

But only yesterday, you turned my life around 

-I awakened to a reality I had always shunned 

You’ve loved me with such passion 

You’ve hurt me with such pain 

If medals were given for scorning emotion 

-You would not be seen

For with thousands of medals you’d be bedecked

-A walking medallion

6th April 1995 copyright reserved 

I rest my case…my 1995 ‘self’ was BESOTTED


Yep…definitely another lovelorn letter (poem)

You can never touch me;

Try though you might

You can never reach me; 

For I will hide

-I’ve a thousand places to hide within

And stay without your touch

You can never hurt me for what I am

For you’ll never know me as I truly am

I’ve a thousand faces

-All schooled to watch and guard my interests by the clock

You can never love me for who I am

For I’ve ‘love’ enough for me alone

– Loved by those who truly know

The person that I am

I’ve ‘love’ stored up for rainy days

I’ve ‘love’ to sprinkle when I may

I’ve ‘love’ to bursting within me

-Loved by those I truly know…who know me as I am

© circa 1994

I didn’t date this poem but I remember it…I wrote it after crying for two days …for (you know who) and I showed it to my hearthrob’s brother …telling him that I gave gotten over his brother (how droll) (cringe)…I remember him saying I should show it to my hearthrob…and I’m like …’no…I have people who love me…my family…I don’t need him’.  Seriously, if I could go back in time I would whup my 1994-95 ‘self’. Get over him already …jeez!! My whole life at the time must gave revolved around this guy…I’m surprised I even kept some of these poems…oh…I remember I did want to burn them one time…but hearthrob’s brother told me not to…(what on earth did I think at the time…seriously…hanging onto my hearthrob’s family…why am I even referring to him as hearthrob? What’s that about…? I’m going to refer to him as Mr young playa from now on…)

Let me be…

O..ka..y …(at least I didn’t say okay again…) Already the title…sounds like another rant…did rant a bit when I was younger…was written in 1994.  I was one of those…if you annoy me..I write…I happy…I write…I’m angry…I write.  Now I’m happy…I just dance around and smile, I’m angry…wow you would know…I would yell…you annoy me…watch out…but then in the 90s it was just me, pen and paper…


If you can’t see through this

You can’t see through me

If the lines are too blurred to read between

– Then your eyes are not for me

If you can’t hear my cry in these words of mine

If you can’t hear the song in these whispered words

-You’re not deaf at all, you see

You’re in the wrong hall…with me

For this hall of letters I have built

My words are clear

And my song is loud

My lines are straight

-The message resounds

But if you can’t…if you just can’t…

Then please just let me be

© 1994


Oh…not a rant..another lovelorn letter (poem).  I remember this guy…it was such a yo-yo relationship…he was such a playa…! and all my friends fawned over him…gosh…1994 ‘me’ was so gullible…I bet half of these poems in this collection revolve around him (I seriously hope not…)



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