…ideas jump at us and we scribble…



The bubbling within

Blank moments; losing words

An intrepid dissipation of ideas

Buried deep in my psyche

Bubbling to the surface

Seeping through the cracks

Spilling over onto pages

Poetry might just save me

Oma Okolo 2018


Ok….ay. One more and I will get some more work done.


Let me tell you a story or two;

Stories of Life that I know

Stories of pain and of laughter

Stories that never grow old

Let me soothe you with sweet imaginings

Let’s play a game of make-believe

Let’s pretend Life is all rosy

So pain could fade away

Let’s look beyond our sadness

Let’s rise above our pain

Let’s be strong

Let’s face tomorrow

‘Cos we’ve only got today

© 1995


O…k…ay… I was quite positive (back in the day…still am very positive).  Interesting poem.  Oh yeah…I want to say thank you to all the awesome poets out there liking my posts…you give me the courage to keep posting from this collection that I have had hidden away for so many years…you guys are so awesome…your poetry and blog posts blow me away (hand on heart…honestly)

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