I need a jolt

To enable me bolt past the thoughts

That flood my head like a raging torrent

Pen to paper is too slow for me

And I fear my reliance on technology

Has taken away the comforting rustle 

That slowed the pace of my tumbling thoughts
I need a jolt…a prompt… to force me

To not reveal what should remain unsaid

I put up a block on poetic thoughts

To keep control of what I hold close

As hard as I try I cannot hide these words

And I beg a stop to the flow of thoughts

That spill from keypads to a blog

To find a release I both love and abhor

For these words are out of control

Poetic verse brimming to overflow 

Pouring from a place unknown

Stripping me bare

I give in and let the words flow

But I am still in need of a jolt

To help me bolt past this torrent of thoughts

So that I could gain control

And decide what should be said

But…what am I trying to hide?

Oma Okolo (c) 2016