I’m really going for it today…posting as many poems from my collection that I can, considering the fact that (I am in the studio and meant to be working cos I’ve got a deadline…I am such a joker) I’ve got so much to do…  Okay I promise myself, I will only post two more and then I’ll do some work (scout’s honour…ha)


Fear is a woman

All clad in cold

-which is her mantle

with ‘icicled’ folds

Fear is a baby

whose crawling is slow

whose teething is tearful

whose hair never grows

Fear is beginning

to do as one’s told

And never be able

To set one’s own goals

Fear is a haven

A haven for foes

-whose darkest forbodings

Are their shadows

© 1993

Oh wow…I wrote this in 1993 (kerching!!!) I was a rebel!!! (still am…nice) I must have been quite a handful…interesting (fear is beginning to do as one’s told…you ain’t telling me what to do!!…love it…really getting to know me…)  It comes with a footnote but no way, no how…am I typing that up (text is too small…and I can’t be bothered)